The team is co-creating “Our Mother Earth Constitution” to shatter the illusion of separation and to provide a  legal blueprint or framework for how human beings should relate to nature and to relate with one another.

WE THE PEOPLE OF MOTHER EARTH understand that Mother Earth is our common home, and we are all brothers and sisters in the human family. We all live under the same sky, drink the same water, and breathe the same air. We are all interconnected and interdependent on one another. The destruction and deterioration of nature is closely related to our health and well-being; it shapes our human coexistence,

Most modern laws and man-made systems governing modern civilization were created during the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s and have pitted man in a constant battle against nature. These systems and laws are outdated; it creates death and destruction and is not in harmony nature. Now we have come to the common understanding that human beings are indivisible parts of nature and not separate from nature; nature is part of us. Also, the fruits of Mother Earth nourishes us and is our common heritage.

While many countries and organizations have a constitution, including the famous Constitution of the United States, Mother Earth does not have its own constitution. Even a car has an operating manual, so why not have an operating manual for Mother Earth, and for human society?

In 2011, one of the co-founders of David Kam released the original version of Our Mother Earth Constitution, an aspirational document that was signed by many people and Indigenous leaders worldwide. (See document here)

Our Mother Earth Constitution is simply a set of principles, guidelines, behaviors, laws, and rules on how we relate to one another and how we relate to the Earth. Many of the existing global crises are related to how we relate to each other and how we relate to Mother Earth, including the climate crisis, the extinction of species, pollution, and global poverty,

Our Mother Earth and our only home are in peril. In 2020, the co-founders of is inviting people from around the world to amend Our Mother Earth Constitution. The Constitution of the United States has been amended 27 times, so amending a constitution is not unusual. brings all the grassroots movements around the world together to protect her and to amend Our Mother Earth Constitution. Everyone’s talents and involvement are needed to redress all the crises facing Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

Since the existing man-made systems and laws are outdated, we plan to reimagine new laws and systems through Our Mother Earth Constitution to bring them in harmony with the natural laws of nature. This includes systems that protect, and restore Mother Earth, which will entail profound new changes in “lifestyles, modern civilization, redefining success, wealth creation, wealth distribution, ways of thinking and relating, models of production and consumption, and how we treat nature”. We wish to eliminate and upgrade the dysfunction structures within our economic systems (models of growth and wealth creation), social systems (inequality, racism, injustice), healthcare systems, ecosystems, climate systems, and conscious development. Our Mother Earth Constitution will also provide the resources and means for everyone on Earth to be fully respected and to reach their full human potential.

We envision that the new amendments will include language drawn from existing documents of the United Nations and other conscious organizations, including the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), the Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father Pope Francis, the Fuji Declaration, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, sometimes known as the Geneva Declaration, and other inspiring documents.

Join us in co-creating Our Mother Earth Constitution.


With the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic still raging across the globe, the modern world has been shut down for five months and is just in the process of reopening. This shutdown has caused a global recession of unprecedented proportions, creating economic instability, joblessness of up to 40%, and an avalanche of bankruptcies worldwide.

Experts say a COVID-19 vaccine may take 18 months to more than 2-years to develop. Furthermore, there is still no vaccine for viruses like HIV even after 40 years of research and development. So these crises are not going away anytime soon.


The current extractive economic system created during the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s has never worked for 99% of the people. Only 1% of the people control 82% of the wealth of the world; our economic system is inherently unfair. (source: CNBC, The 1% will always control the wealth – and here’s how they do it). Not only is it unfair, but this exponential accumulation of stored wealth is also destroying our ecosystems, our healthcare systems, our social systems, and our climate.

During the global shutdown is the perfect time to roll out a new economic system that will allow 100% of the world's population to thrive.


The founders of envision the implementation of a new Earth-centric economic system that generates new wealth by protecting and restoring the Earth. We call this the Living Economic System, which will upgrade our economic system, accounting system, monetary system, and banking system.

This new Living Economic System will allow all living beings to thrive on this great planet. If someone or something thrives, they do well and are successful, healthy, flourishing, or strong. The new system will generate new wealth, prosperity, and abundance, which will be fairly distributed to all human beings on Earth. This is not a redistribution of old wealth but a generation of new wealth that never existed before. We envision that this new economic system will provide the resources for everyone on Earth to reach their full human potential.

We invite you to develop this new enlightened economic system together.